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A BRIEF BIO ABOUT ME, The Asian Cajun Greetings! My name is Diosa-Lys, meaning "Goddess of the Lilies", though my dad nicknamed me "the Asian Cajun". My mom is Filipino and my dad is Creole from New Orleans.  I am a schoolteacher by day and a bellydancer by night.  I teach Visual Arts to middle school students between 6th-8th grades, though I've taught 2nd, 5th, and high school grades. This fall will be my 15th year teaching.  When I'm not at school, I'm in my home studio directing and choreographing for my bellydance classes and dance clans, The Desert Flowers and Osiris. I've been dancing for 18 years, from traditional Egyptian to fusion with hip hop, Bollywood, and experimental themes. Currently, I am the Publisher of Shimmy Magazine, so it is taking much of my hands-on experience and community connections to get it up and running. I have a son and daughter who both graduated from university last year, and I'll be celebrat

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